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We're on a Mission! Won't you join us?

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11:30 a.m.,   


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Birthday Bags

Our Woman's Ministries are assembling birthday bags for the children of Friendship House. The items needed are: gift bags, paper plates, cups, napkins, candles, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, balloons and toys.We especially need sprinkles and small toys. PLEASE check for loose parts and avoid jewelry made in foreign countries. (lead issues) 

Refresh yourself in the "Wellspring" of His word. Whether you are a life-long Christian, a new Christian or if you are Un-churched and seek a place to begin to understand the basic principles of Christianity, Wellspring has a place for you. You will meet people with a geniune interest in you and sharing worship with you without pressure.

We are a church HOME. 

All ages of Christian education meet immediately following Worship Service and fellowship/snack time.

(All studies end approx.12:15 - 12:30.)


 Hi! I'm Faithful Freddie, the Sojourner!

You will be hearing more about me in the coming days, as I join many of my friends and my church family on missions and events all over the place!. I was introduced to our church family at our 10th Anniversary celebration and took photos with some. 

PLUS I went on my first mission with Dan and Sharon Buttry to Kenya, Africa!

We are very exited to see what God has in store for us through my experiences!

And we will be sharing pictures and experiences on Facebook too! Please "friend" me, "Faithful Freddie" so YOU can join me!

Stay tuned for more as this journey continues. 

Are you Interested in Renting our Facility?....

Wellspring Church
36350 W. Eight Mile Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Phone: 248-442-0412  Office


Wellspring Church 2013

 Wellspring Church    


An American Baptist Church            

Where we share our faith through our services to bring Glory to God.!  

Whatever your talents or interests, there is a place for you in the Wellspring!

And.. Wellspring is a place where everyone can share the fun and fellowship!

 As we move on through our busy lives, let us not forget the many ways in which The Lord has blessed us and our loved ones. Our mission as a church is to be a foundation in our community, a resource for all who seek Biblical understanding, those who have a need, and those with a desire to share their talents or help others. When we give of ourselves, our blessings will multiply. We know this through learning His Word through worship, praise and Christian education. May we all put our best efforts forward to meet those needs and to live by our mission statement:  

To worship the Lord, Grow as Disciples, Share God’s Love,

Serve All People and Spread the Good News..!!!

Changes can be hard at times. Changes can also be good; a fresh start, perhaps a new approach. As we at Wellspring Church embark on a new journey, we pray these changes will be for the greater good, and will honor Our Father. Wherever God sends us, we must go.. We know this to be true. It has been documented throughout the Bible.

But change is not always an easy thing. It is with a mixture of sadness and joy, that we had to say farewell to our Pastor of 16 years, and her husband; our  DEAR FRIENDS, Rev. Dr. Jane Moschenrose and Rev. Dr. Phillip Moschenrose, as they follow The Lord's calling to a new ministry in Pennsylvania.

And now, we welcome our new Interim Pastor, Rev. William Walker and his lovely wife, Chris to Wellspring as we continue our search for a permanent pastor to lead our congregation through the next phase of our Spiritual and Missional Journey; as a body of Christ, active in our community, our country AND around the world.! 

What's Happening at Wellspring ?

If you can't make our Bible Studies, consider this site for FREE on-line Bible study classes and print-outs as well as finding excellent resources for purchase to enhance your own library.


 Take the challenge: Read through the Bible in a year

In Loving Memory

As we mourn the loss of our loved ones, we celebrate their passing into His Grace.


Walking the Walk Without Talking the Talk”

Based on the book of Esther;

7:1-6, 9-10, 9:20-22

 Preached by Rev. Jane Moschenrose


Several colleagues and I were talking this week about what Scriptural text we planned to use for today’s sermon, and I was the only one who was preaching from the book of Esther.  One colleague snorted, “Esther?  Why would you preach from the book of Esther?  There’s nothing theological about it – the book doesn’t even mention God!  Why wouldn’t you follow the orthodox path, and preach from a Christian book, such as the Gospel or Epistle lessons?" (more >>)

St. Alexander's Food Pantry

Serving the Farmington/Farmington Hills area, there is an increased number of families in need of assistance due to the economy. Wellspring will continue collecting donations for this essential service.  >>


Help Wellspring while you shop ...

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Help a local child in need of a little extra support. There are so many children who could thrive if only given the support of a good friend and role-model. No matter what your age, there is a way to help. It doesn't take much to make a BIG difference! 

Click here to see how you can help >>


Use your normal shopping dollars to help raise funds for Wellspring, so that we can continue our missions. 

Wellspring has the opportunity to raise money through the Scrip Program. This program offers Wellspring the ability to get a percentage of the money you spend at retailers. This includes gas, grocery, restaurants, fast food, electronics, movies, and many department and retail stores. All you have to do is purchase the gift card from Wellspring beforehand.  

We have an inventory of scrip cards that you can purchase today. These are available for sale immediately following the worship service in the rear of the sanctuary.

Click here to see sample list of cards Available inventory may vary week-to-week. Contact church office (248) 442-0412 or see Ann Kuelbs if you have any questions. 

We now have gift wrappers for gift giving events during the year (they say: Enjoy; For you; Just because; Congrats;  Happy birthday; and Thank you). They cost 25 cents each. 


The Gift of Interaction and Vision:

Give us your ideas for future events, missions or fund raising projects that will help Wellspring reach out in fellowship while we reduce our deficit and continue our missions.

Let's find ways to make giving a JOY.!!

Share your time to help others while having fun...!  

(Email wellspringoutreach@gmail.com with your ideas or comments.) 

Another chance for ministry!


Helping the incarcerated, victims, and their families to find hope and assurance that they are valued and that we ALL deserve a 2nd chance.

Items Needed: Food, Shoe certificates, men’s dark coats, gloves, hats, scarves, dark sweatsuits (size L – XXXL), underwear, white socks, bikes for transportation, soft covered Bibles, playing cards.   Contributions can be dropped off at the church or you can call the church office for more information.